Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Undermining from Within

I was looking, as per my habit, at the Google News my Google account collects, and was surprised to see the headline "Pope undermined from within." Innocent ol' me thought, "Well, it's about time! Somebody must have taken note of the unfaithful Catholics who do great damage to the Holy Father, intent on bending the Church to meet their own ideological needs." I was sorely disappointed.
This was in the National Post, with an interview by no less than the former Jesuit editor of "America" magazine. If I had half a decision in the process, that man would be quiet and off somewhere in a hermitage making bumperstickers. But, alas, we get gems like these delivered to us from his eloquent lips: "Rather than thinking like the pope he thinks he is speaking to a classroom of deferential students who won't challenge him. And that's not the world he is working in anymore." Oh, really? Professors are just accepted at face value? Is the Pope really that stupid and gullible? Obviously, Father Reese has a rather interesting view of the education of the Pope; the same who was head of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith and engaged in routine public defenses of his positions and the Church's positions. Ah, but alas!
"Frankly, loyalty is more important than competence. They need some people who will challenge the Pope, argue with him." Oh? Apparently, Fr. Reese took exception to the 1962 Missal, the lifting of the excommunications of the traditionalist bishops, the declaration on other Christian churches, and the like. These aren't "new" - the Church routinely teaches, for example, that the old Missal and the Mass in general are holy and good. Similarly, the Church teaches that, sadly enough, Protestants are not Catholic and, as a consequence, are not fully members of the Church we believe Christ founded 2000 years ago. But, of course, Fr. Reese believes that the curia determines whether or not the Pope remains Catholic. If only we had some Jesuits in charge....
"This is the same Benedict who opposed the war in Iraq, who has spoken out about concern for the poor and refugees and for getting humanitarian aid to Africa." Oh, if only we weren't dismayed by the Pope teaching the eternal doctrine of Christ, we would see that he likes the poor! Give me a break.

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